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Compy 31


Compy 31

More top-notch tracks in this compilation, includes HTRK, Erika, Legowelt and Matt Karmil

Released around the same time as his last album (Crystal Cult 2080), the Los Alamos Motel EP from Legowelt contains all the catchy tunes that Crystal Cult 2080 lacked. Videophone to Space is a suitably low-key, opening track, the melancholy melody sheer perfection! This is followed by the mangled vocal snippets and driving bassline of Construction, one of the highlights from Mike Denhert's last album Lichtbedingt, before the soft hypnotic beats of Matt Karmil's Frankrike (Float) take over. (I reviewed Karmil's album ----).

The beautifully downbeat vocals of Jonnine Standish offer a subtle contrast in proceedings with The Body You Deserve, the closing track from HTRK's recent album Psychic 9-5 Club. I highly recommended that album.

Then we head into the three long but truly satisfying tracks from Karen Gwyer, Actress and DFRNT. Clocking in at a mammoth 16 minutes, Lay Claim to My Grub from Gwyer's EP New Roof (released earlier this year) never outlasts it's welcome. Built round a growing, addictive and repetitive groove, it's simply epic. Then, in contrast, the muddy, slightly depressing textures of Actress's Grey Over Blue (from recent album Ghettoville) darkens your spirits... in a good way of course, before the wonderful Boards of Canada-influenced Mountain by Alex Cowles, aka Scottish producer DFRNT. Erika's spooky Tunneling finishes things off as Legowelt started: suitably low-key.


# Artist Track Album Time
1 Legowelt Videophone to Space Los Alamos Motel 00:00
2 Mike Dehnert Construction Lichtbedingt 05:37
3 Matt Karmil Frankrike (Float) ---- 10:40
4 HTRK The Body You Deserve Psychic 9-5 Club 20:18
5 Karen Gwyer Lay Claim to My Grub New Roof 26:18
6 Actress Grey Over Blue Ghettoville 42:17
7 DFRNT Mountain Patience 50:21
8 Erika Tunneling Hexagon Cloud 61:57

Time 1:03:37. Size: 113MB. Quality: 249kbs. Download Compy 31.

Please note that only the last three compilations will be available for download, but from Compy 29 onwards you will always be able to stream them on Mixcloud.



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