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Mike Dehnert - Lichtbedingt
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Mike Dehnert continues to experiment and push the boundaries of techno on his tenth album Lichtbedingt, which roughly translates as ‘depends on light’. In this case he refers to the light in the club, which is appropriate as it's not an album full of banging club tracks. Certainly the driving, metallic beats of Single Action and the thumping bass of ReRe would fit into any decent techno set, but the processed vocals on many tracks, combined with the catchy melodies throughout, brings a softer, more human touch to the overall sound, resulting in a more headphone-friendly listen. Construction, Espace and Emlo provide the album highlights while Remove doesn't quite deliver with it's disjointed rhythms and broken beats.

7/10 after 10 listens

Mike Dehnert - Lichtbedingt