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Kaczmarek - K.A.C.Z.M.A.R.E.K
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Paul Ritch is back with another excellent album as Kaczmarek. His debut from last year IIIIIIIIIIIIII turned his celebrated big room Minimal Techno style on its head by squeezing out all the dancefloor gusto to reveal a deeper, darker side to his production prowess. On sophomore effort K.A.C.Z.M.A.R.E.K. he's crawled further down the wormhole with an album of experimental Ambient and ghostly Jungle.

Slowing building through a series of delicate Ambient passages into Dub territory, the impending sense of an event forthcoming weighs heavily. In a similar vein to his debut, the tracklist offers nothing insightful other than conceptual cogitation. By the time we reach 5555 (the fifth of nine tracks) the landscape has transformed from arid and barren into one of emerging life; vocal samples, manipulated beyond obvious recognition, introduce a human element while the increasingly fractured rhythms unfold to reveal a frenzied microcosm.

If you liked Marco Shuttle's Systhema or any Answer Code Request, this will be right up your street.

  • Rating: 9/10
  • Listens: 11
  • Highlight: 5555
  • Label: KCZMRK
  • Release Date: 8th October 2018
Kaczmarek - K.A.C.Z.M.A.R.E.K