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Marco Shuttle - Systhema
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Hauntingly beautiful long player from the Eerie boss Marco Shuttle, tranquil Techno drenched in Middle Eastern mysticism, with grains of sand patterning the mechanics and shimmering synths reflecting the last sun rays before nightfall. Like Visione, his debut from 2014, Shuttle presents an album of dark tones best appreciated after the night's action, round a fuggy campfire, on repeat.

Following a natural arc, the gentle strains of Adrift and Thebe gradually build to the off-kilter bleeps of central track Con Sequenza, which fittingly reminds us that the album is being released on Spazio Disponible (the label run by Donato Dozzy and Neel) before descending once again, with closing tracks Olga and Ende, into a euphoric state that fans of Boards of Canada will revel in.

9/10 after 14 listens

Album is out today on Spazio Disponible.

Marco Shuttle - Systhema