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Blue Hour - Remixed [03]
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The core values of Techno resonate in this third remix package for Blue Hour. Like Remixed [02], the premise remains the same, four of the artist's tracks are selected, picked apart and reassembled by the best producers in the game. The result for this particular release is a wholly "down-and-dirty" affair, with the prime focus for each reworking clearly being the floor. Bens Sims, Truncate, Operator and Ctrls provide the magic with my personal favourite coming from the latter, with his remix of Unearthed - the Danish producer adds a subtle but effective percussive embellishment which introduces an effective tribal/party vibe.

  1. Flow State (Ben Sim's Remix)
  2. Introspective III (Operator Remix)
  3. Unearthed (Ctrls Remix)
  4. Meridian (Truncate Remix)

Remixed [03] is due for release on 10th September via Blue Hour.

Blue Hour - Remixed [03]