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The Allegorist - Tekhenu Retold

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Tekhenu Retold by The Allegorist

A strong album of remixes

Ten producers amplify the luscious, widescreen sound of The Allegorist's fifth album, with a collection of sublime remixes, sequenced in the same order as the original. Particularly strong efforts come from Subheim, with his tasteful Trip-Hop beats, Ben Chatwin's lush and rousing rework and Midori Hirano's piano mix. My favourite though is Scanner's unexpectedly tough closing statement, converting the ritualistic rhythms into rusty metallic shapes.

If you only listen to one track

Barefoot (Scanner Rework)


Awaken Chronicles

Artist website

The Allegorist

Release date

13 Oct 2023


  1. Whispers Of The Wind (Die Wilde Jagd Rework)
  2. Born In The River (Jacob Haage & Sarah Assbring Rework)
  3. Trees Of Peace (Subheim Rework)
  4. Inner Dialogue (Drum & Lace Rework)
  5. Through The Forest (Ben Chatwin Rework)
  6. Howling With The Wolf (Ah! Kosmos Rework)
  7. The Invisible (Hannes Kretzer Rework)
  8. Dreams At Dawn (Midori Hirano Rework)
  9. Tekhenu (Desiderii Marginis Rework)
  10. Barefoot (Scanner Rework)


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