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Tag: mary lattimore

Fav Fav Music of 2020

Fav albums, fav EPs, fav compilations, fav mixes and fav artwork.


General, 06 Jan 2021, 19:08

Ana Roxanne - Take the Thorn, Leave the Rose

My fav from the new Ana Roxanne album perfectly encapsulates the whole: heavenly!

A fine companion piece to the recent Mary Lattimore album.

Tune, 16 Nov 2020, 18:49

The Letter Quiz - Week 41

Aphex Twin logo on billboard

Billboards, books and Burial! Test yourself on this week's music news.

Do the quiz

Quiz, 09 Oct 2020, 14:00

Round up

Always read the small print... that's best advice I can give you


General, 03 Feb 2019, 16:30

Fav Tracks of 2017

85 tracks from 2017 that I absolutely loved. And you will too


General, 26 Dec 2017, 11:33

Compy 42

An Ambient selection, perfect for falling asleep to..

Listen to the mix

Mix, 12 Dec 2017, 11:10

A few good tunes Vol 24

A selection of the finest Electronic Pop around at the moment

Listen to the mix

Mix, 21 Mar 2017, 15:37


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