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Various - Spheres


Spheres by Various

Spheres LP with These Hidden Hands, Mondkopf, SNTS, OAKE, Headless Horseman and Grebenstein

Lots to sink your teeth into on this mesmerising six track compilation composed of highly polished yet visceral, semi-threatening music. Spheres is the first in a series of “documents” by new label Research (a sub-project of experimental publisher Split Music), which aims to unite a diverse selection of artists around a common theme; in this case, the carved spheres of artist and mathematician Timothy Cresswell. From the press release, we're advised that the goal is:

...transporting beat-driven music beyond the social environment of the club, using it as a mechanism for increased self-inquiry and communication between both hemispheres of the brain...

Concepts behind electronic music intended for non-dancefloor environments are great when they work, and with Speheres we certainly get challenging music with thought-provoking artwork but the connection between the two is too subtle. Luckily this fact detracts only slightly from the overall aural appreciation.

These Hidden Hands set the tone with Radon, six minutes of pleasantly pummelling inward Techno lubricated with an Industrial grind. Mondkopf delivers respite with The Runaway where growling tension melds with mournful melody. The two central tracks are pertinently placed, being both the strongest and most emotive of the bunch. Dunkelheit (translates as darkness) by SNTS maintains the tense momentum with enormous ghostly slabs of percussion; while the monumental Blemmyae from the German duo OAKE is simply superb, soaring and stabbing in all the right places. Headless Horseman holds the Industrial flag aloft, with little to grumble about before Grebenstein closes out with Meet My Needs, a suitably downtempo effort

  • Rating: 7/10
  • Listens: 18
  • Highlight: Blemmyae by OAKE
  • Label: RESEARCH
  • Release Date: 24th November, 2017

If you only listen to one track

Blemmyae by OAKE



Release date

24 Nov 2017



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