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Future Works vol. 3


Future Works vol. 3

Free download: a new compilation from UK label Natural Sciences

Future Works vol.3 is a new compilation from UK label Natural Sciences, introducing us to some exciting new music makers. Free download.

  1. Datawave - Submersion
  2. Jack Roland - We Could Care Less By Now
  3. Techno Thriller - Cebébre
  4. Starving Poet - Cocaine Daze
  5. V.L.F - Bleed Thru
  6. Kalli - Impurity (Necromania)
  7. Stratowerx - 2D City
  8. Strahinja Arbutina - Dungeon Serenade
  9. Religus Order - Mente Disorta
  10. Shawné Michaelain Holloway - After Natalie Hinderas - La Terrasse Des Audiences Du Clair de Lune (LIVE)


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