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A few good tunes Vol 32


A few good tunes Vol 32

A bunch of new tracks that yelled at me from across the street. I had to go over and say hello

Here's a few good tunes Vol 32 with tracks from Peter Rehberg, Gamma Intel, HaÌŠkan Lidbo, Avatism, Anthony Rother, Love Letters, Achterbahn D'Amour, Borusiade, Khidja and Pita.

  1. Anthony Rother - Omnitronic - the Godfather of Electro is back with a thumping EP. The title track is all reverberating bass and timeless melody. Vinyl only.
  2. Avatism - Killing the Hour - Thomas Feriero back with more emotive Techno, on Nonplus Records
  3. Peter Rehberg - Boxes & Angels - the Editions Mego boss re-releases his experimental album from 2008. Boxes & Angels is a highlight
  4. HaÌŠkan Lidbo - Sustain (Omar Santis Remix) - having been off my radar for some years, I'm happy to hear that the Swedish producer is back (and on top form too). I always liked his website
  5. Achterbahn D'Amour - Don't Talk To Me - this b-side from new EP on Acid Test has a nice Drexciya flavour
  6. Pita - Get Out 3 - another reissue from Peter Rehberg, this time under his Pita alias. This eleven minute monster is equal parts soothing and excoriating
  7. Gamma Intel - Power Plant Tales - new on brokntoys, lead track from Drama in Decay EP is just the most tasteful electronic music
  8. Love Letters - Ducue - new artist with a retrospective bent, blends Acid and Electronic Pop, feels warm and reassuring
  9. Borusiade - Silent - not sure if Khidja had a hand in this track, but the Romanian producer Borusiade demonstrates her drum machine prowess with a workout that John Bonham would be proud of


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