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Romance & Dean Hurley - In Every Dream Home A Heartache

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In Every Dream Home A Heartache by Romance & Dean Hurley

Melodramatic Ambient

Mysterious artist Romance, known for composing with chopped-up and treated source material (check the mixtapes of dreamy Ambient/Classical music and a concept album based on Celine Dion albums) joins forces with David Lynch collaborator Dean Hurley, for more of the same. This one uses dialogue from US daytime soap operas, sampled from old VHS tapes uploaded to YouTube, deftly married to drenched piano chords, texture and noise. Like The Caretaker with a loose narrative.

If you only listen to one track

A Single Day, A Thousand Years


Talbot Fade, Burial, The Caretaker



Release date

15 Apr 2022


  1. Always & Forever
  2. The Flesh Is Weak
  3. White Lace & Promises
  4. A Single Day, A Thousand Years
  5. Softly, As I Leave You
  6. Amensia
  7. A Secret Storm
  8. Twilight Whispers
  9. Love Streams
  10. Sea Of Tears
  11. In Every Dream Home A Heartache
  12. Flame In The Wind
  13. Still Lives


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