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In The Deep Drift You Will Find The Most Serene Of Lullabies

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In The Deep Drift You Will Find The Most Serene Of Lullabies by Various

Inaugural label compilation showcasing gloriously lo-fi Ambient compilations

From Daniel Wyche's restrained guitar to the soaring synths of Walt McClements to the ghostly dispatch from Eli Winter and Jordan Reyes, this 14 track compilation from Chicago's American Dreams outpost is a fine showcase of the abundant talent on their roster. Beautiful realism.

If you only listen to one track

Maxwell Sterling - Maidenhair Spleenwort


Talbot Fade, The Caretaker


American Dreams

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Release date

10 Jun 2022


  1. Walt McClements - Factory Bath
  2. Patrick Shiroishi - Waiting for Friends at Tokyo S
  3. Devin Shaffer - Cryotherapy
  4. Claire Rousay & Emily Harper Scott - Homard Rouge
  5. Lia Kohl - As Sweet As
  6. Maxwell Sterling - Maidenhair Spleenwort
  7. Mercedes Kilmer & Cameron Knowler - Palo Verde Tra
  8. Dorothy Carlos - Apparition
  9. Ross Gentry - Ghost Fluorescence
  10. Martha Skye Murphy - Ashes
  11. Eli Winter & Jordan Reyes - How To Avoid Falling I
  12. Dedales - The Singing Cowboy
  13. Daniel Wyche - Walrus and Muskrat Meet to Discuss
  14. Ambre Sala - Forçe Real


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