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Radium88 - We Are All Dreaming Now

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We Are All Dreaming Now by Radium88

Ethereal electronic music

Jema Davies and Tim Thwaites have been quietly exploring the varied facets of electronic music for more than two decades, cleverly juxtaposing styles that make you take notice (think Breakbeats, piano-led tunes, choral electronic Pop, heavy guitar, spoken and sung words, dark Ambient and Dub). They liken their music to the way a William Gibson book reads, which is an apt simile.

If you only listen to one track

Twelve Ways to Kill Time


Radiohead, Yann Tiersen, Philip Glass


Lotek Recordings

Artist website


Release date

04 Apr 2022


  1. Twelve Ways to Kill Time
  2. The Age Of Complicity
  3. And This Is How She Knows She's Dreaming
  4. Our Lives Viewed In Parallel Mirrors (To Infinity)
  5. No Place But Down
  6. There Is No Danger
  7. In Every Moment
  8. Colours Float In Space
  9. The Man Who Was Mistaken For A Shadow
  10. Past And Future
  11. Places Only Visited In Dreams (Hypnosis)
  12. Escape Tomorrow (Dub Mix)


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