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Le Code - Oceans

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Oceans by Le Code

Momentarily out at sea

French Ambient music producer Alexandre de Charrin, aka Le Code, has just released Oceans, the third part in his recent trilogy of works that began with Nereides and Shores. For those familiar with the owner of Apnea Label and Mare Nostrum Label, the theme of water is omnipresent in their release schedules, so it's no surprise that this final installment is dedicated to the sea.

While using the atmosphere of the oceans and its waves as inspiration, with seagulls and field recordings adding texture to the heavenly drones, a sense of calm prevails. One for deeper contemplation.

If you only listen to one track

Chasing Birds


Overcast Sound, Lunar Orbit Rendezvous, Franz Kirmann


Self released

Artist website

Le Code

Release date

24 Jun 2022


  1. Face to Ocean
  2. Night Lights
  3. Hazy Horizon
  4. Chasing Birds
  5. Shores (reprise)
  6. Water Disappears In My Hand
  7. Sand Memory


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