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Quick round-up


Quick round-up

A few releases worth checking out

A quick round-up of releases swamped by the end-of-year lists:

Hannu Karjalainen - LUXE

Regular readers will know the name Hannu Karjalainen, we're big fans at The Letter. LUXE is the Finnish producer's new album and while not a significant departure from his earlier, deeply textured Ambient music, there are signs that his sound is developing, notably in the extraordinary track Rutistus, which shocks in its austere delivery.

The main question that informed this album and the accompanying videos produced by the artist himself was whether being able to make art in times when the world is quite literally burning must be understood as a luxury or rather a necessity that helps humans to reflect upon the slowly unfolding catastrophes around them.

All seven tracks are accompanied with a video, adding further depth to the contemplative and provocative ideas behind the music. An excellent body of work, don't overlook it.

Motiva - White Russian

For fans of the Jazz-o-Tech sound, this track from the little-known producer Motiva works a laid back blend of Techno and Jazz. Out via Vision Collective Recordings.


Twofish - At least a hundred fingers

Lush and bleepy electronic music, with flavours of Drum and Bass throughout, along with guitars and vocals, combine in a pleasing form that teeters on the edge of commercial but throws a few pleasant curveballs into the mix. Immaculately produced.

VÍZ - Veils

Dark, choral and slightly threatening Ambient music from Réka Csiszér, mixes spoken word with guitar feedback and crackly field recordings to create a sinister atmosphere. Great artwork too.

Collect Call - The Golden Hour

With a hint of Ben Gibbard (Postal Service) and Badly Drawn Boy in the vocals, this delightful EP promises great things. British artist Joseph Thorpe’s debut EP of Electronic Pop is subtle and underplayed.



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