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Philippe Deschamps - What the Sea Promises

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What the Sea Promises by Philippe Deschamps

Explore the sea with a sense of awe

If you checked out Deschamps' last EP, Forest of my Nights, you may remember that his compositions are airy and wistful yet loaded with significance; the latter surely a vital element in composing music for film. On What the Sea Promises we have another bold dispatch, one inviting us to sea dive deeply. In Deschamps' words:

[What the Sea Promises is ] a tribute to the sea, but a sea thought of as space, by which I mean an immense, fantasized place, a place we can't inhabit, only dream about. I'm thinking of the sea of Ulysses and the Greeks, populated by creatures on the edge of civilization, or Christopher Columbus's voyage, which always seemed to me like that of an astronaut, at a time when the sea was the object of all fantasies and fears.

Philippe Deschamps

Comprising eight tracks (four original compositions and four reworks from Le Code, Bahrambient, Stilhed and IOTO) the blend of soaring synths, dubbed piano notes and water samples may be ubiquitous but it's transportive and awe-inspiring.

If you only listen to one track

Shimmering Mirror (IOTO Rework)


Mare Nostrum

Artist website

Philippe Deschamps

Release date

24 May 2024


  1. What The Sea Promises
  2. In a Silent Sea
  3. The Groundwater of Tomorrow
  4. Shimmering Mirror
  5. What the Sea Promises (Le Code Rework)
  6. In a Silent Sea (Bahrambient Rework)
  7. The Groundwater of Tomorrow (Stilhed Rework)
  8. Shimmering Mirror (IOTO Rework)


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