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Dsum - Water In The Moon


Water In The Moon by Dsum

Fading memories of Detroit Techno

Since 2008 David Uribe, the Columbian artist and DJ behind the moniker Dsum, has diligently (and doggedly at times) plotted a path borne principally from the music he loved. Undulating over House, Techno, Acid and Dub (NB: you'll find most of his earlier work on defunct netlabel Monofónicos or archive.org) his last album, 2022's Parallel Universe fittingly consolidated his account to date. On new album, Water In The Moon, he tackles the fading memories of Detroit Techno.

With his undeniable production skills Uribe presents twelve slick tracks that emerge from the long, hallowed shadow of Electro (think Anthony Rother and Drexciya) with key moments like Nebula, Protons and Double Distance bearing the classic genre hallmarks of 808 rhythms and spooky synth top-lines. At 67 minutes, it's about two tracks too long (I'd drop Landing On Earth and Gravity Loss) but balance is proffered on downtempo tracks like Silent Spreaders and Empty Place, offsetting the potential for the music to fade into the background. The tuneful Hemisferio Sur may have been a stronger closing statement.

If you only listen to one track

Hemisferio Sur


Drexciya, Anthony Rother, Milton Jackson


Back Door Records

Artist website


Release date

05 Jul 2024


  1. New Sun
  2. Landing On Earth
  3. Running Around
  4. Artefactos
  5. Double Distance
  6. Empty Place
  7. Protons
  8. Silent Spreaders
  9. Space Games
  10. Nebula
  11. Hemisferio Sur
  12. Gravity Loss


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