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Marco Caricola - Headphone Commute


Marco Caricola - Headphone Commute

Over an hour of ivory tinkling and expanding headspace

Marco Caricola has produced an excellent mix for Headphone Commute, over an hour of beautiful piano music. Includes Nils Frahm, Sophie Hutchings, Peter Broderick and a few of his own tracks.

  1. Iskra String Quartet, Peter Gregson – Chorale (Five)
  2. Matt Stewart-Evans – Opus #25
  3. Julien Marchal – Insight XIX
  4. Library Tapes – Feathers
  5. Dirk Maassen – Un Voyage (The Sitting Room Piano)
  6. Peter Broderick – Eyes Closed And Travelling
  7. Sophie Kazandjian – Remembering
  8. Bruno Bavota – The Boy And The Whale
  9. Ceeys – Angles
  10. Bruno Sanfilippo – The Poet
  11. Nils Frahm – Because This Must Be
  12. Marco Caricola – Gleyminn
  13. Roberto Attanasio – Forgotten Children
  14. Mike Lazarev – Unhinged
  15. Alice Baldwin – Vater
  16. Angus MacRae – Mirror Lake
  17. Luke Howard – Homeless
  18. Sophie Hutchings – Home
  19. The Bird’s Companion – Negative Space
  20. Marco Caricola – Fin
  21. Greg Haines – Better
  22. Marco Caricola, Paul Drolet – Paraeidolia


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