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Always fascinating to view statistics like this, my year in music as seen by Last FM

Not sure if this is a new feature that Last FM have rolled out, but I'm impressed: my Last.year on Last FM. In summary:

  • 22,529 scrobbles
  • 67 scrobbles per day
  • total listening time 54 days, 18 hours
  • 2247 artists
  • 2069 albums
  • 7144 tracks
  • I listened to the Milton Bradley album the most
  • I listened to Light Tunnel (feat Mutado Pintado) by Paranoid London the most
  • most popular listening time was between 2pm and 3pm
  • and most popular day for listening was Thursday
  • 51% of the artists I listened to were new
  • 75% of the albums I listened to were new
  • I listened to music 61 days consecutively
  • and I listened to 166 new tracks in one day!


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