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Apeiron Crew - Groove Podcast 85


Apeiron Crew - Groove Podcast 85

Fun loving trio behind this Techno mix bring some colour back to the genre

A fun loving trio going by the name Apeiron Crew present an hour mix for Groove Magazine, and it's a must listen.

Copenhagen based, the "crew" comprise Emma Blake, Simone Øster and Sara Svanholm, and reflecting their usual DJing procedure, i.e. b2b2b, this mix follows suit.


  1. Denez Prigent & Lisa Gerrard – Gortoz A Ran (Barclay)
  2. Young Male – Drug Deal Videos (White Material)
  3. Vril – Torus VIII (Forum – Giegling)
  4. Monolake – MCP 79 (Monolake/Imbalance Computer Music)
  5. Versalife – Manipulated Matter (Brokntoys)
  6. Anno Stamm – The Kid From Newport (Macro)
  7. M//R – Professor (Jack Dept)
  8. Kalter Ende & Serf – Room Two (Alexey Volkov Remix) (Analog Section)
  9. Sawf – Stispilia (Vanilla)
  10. Psykofuk – Psykofuk (Matrix Records)
  11. Erdem Tukanan & Alpha Tracks – Shelter (Cheap)
  12. Dax J – The Invisible Man (Monnom Black)
  13. Ibon – No Cry (Forthcoming Ectotherm)
  14. The Mover – Waves of Life (Forbidden Planet)
  15. DJ Seinfeld – Flyin Thru Sunrise (Forthcoming Endotherm)


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