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JD Twitch - So Low mini-mix


JD Twitch - So Low mini-mix

Here's a perfectly formed 17 minute taster of a new compilation from JD Twitch

In preparation for So Low, his forthcoming compilation of early ‘80s synth, industrial and cold wave classics and undiscovered gems, here's a mini-mix, that includes Front 242, John Bender, Chris & Cosey, The Klinik, Hard Corps and P/1E.

The official tracklist is:

  1. John Bender - Victim Of Victimless Crimes
  2. Hunting Lodge - Tribal Warning Shot
  3. Throbbing Gristle - Discipline
  4. Front 242 - Kampfbereit
  5. The Klinik - Moving Hands
  6. P1E - 9 Second Romance
  7. Colin Potter - Power
  8. Eric Random - Fade In (edit)
  9. Conrad Schnitzler - Fabrik
  10. Gerry & The Holograms - Gerry & The Holograms
  11. Chris & Cosey - Passion
  12. Hard Corps - Porte Bonheur
  13. Holger Hiller - Das Feur
  14. Siglo XX - Dreams Of Pleasure
  15. Clair Obscur - Toundra
  16. Tuxedomoon - No Tears

Out on 26th February 2016.



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