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Franz Kirmann - Forget Me Not


Forget Me Not by Franz Kirmann

Nostalgic, contemplative and different

Oh heck, another well-established artist (now on his sixth LP) that I only just discovered. Of course, I'll tentatively investigate the back catalogue of French artist François Kirmann Gamaury (including his collaborative work with Tom Hodge as Piano Interrupted) over the next wee while, but I'm somewhat concerned that it won't be this good.

Comprising ten tracks of quietly agitating Ambient composition, Forget Me Not combines dubbed voices, organ-like synths, a little bit of Drone and a majestically funereal control of melody that safely places Kirmann well away from the mass throng of Ambient makers ubiquitous at the moment, and deservedly in the spotlight.

Crediting artists like My Bloody Valentine and Fennesz as an influence, the sense of pervading blurry melancholy that washes over proceedings is accepted but the prevailing force to me is The Field, in particular Axel Willner's early work circa From Here We Go Sublime. A Remembrance perfectly encapsulates that sound; slow-motion and minus the rhythm, while Turbulences is like a Drone version of Sun & Ice. My favourite track is Soupirs that marries a memorable vocal snippet with a gloriously rumbling and rising chord sequence.

This is what quality Ambient music sounds like in 2022.

If you only listen to one track



Lunar Orbit Rendezvous, Biosphere, Overcast Sound



Artist website

Franz Kirmann

Release date

01 Apr 2022


  1. Vestiges
  2. A Remembrance
  3. Always
  4. Soupirs
  5. Your Tenderness
  6. Turbulences
  7. Homesick
  8. Fleurs De Ruine
  9. Monbijou
  10. Forget Me Not


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