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Courtesy - Night Journeys

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Night Journeys by Courtesy

Reinterpreting Trance as Ambient

Finding a way round her anxiety Kulør boss Courtesy, aka Danish DJ and producer Najaaraq Vestbirk, started making music in the middle of the night. Channelling her love of 90s Trance she found solace in the quiet hours, producing a form of Ambient music informed by the notorious genre. The results of which eventually emerged as this Night Journeys EP. Referencing Sash! and L.S.G., guitar, vocals, soaring pads and arpeggios subtly combine in an alluring form of electronic music.

If you only listen to one track

Night Journeys IIII



Artist website


Release date

25 Mar 2022


  1. Night Journeys I
  2. Night Journeys II
  3. Night Journeys III
  4. Night Journeys IIII


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