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Compy 37


Compy 37

A new selection of hot Techno and cool Pop compiled for your illumination

Since his early mixtapes around 2010 Lee Bannon has dabbled in all types of musical styles from dubstep to hip hop to jungle; in short experimentation has always been a key force. Having never been a big fan I'm delighted to report that his recent Ambient album, Pattern of Excel is the sign of a producer coming of age; Aga the opening track on this compilation in particular is sweetly sublime. Time to take another listen to his back catalogue I think.

From this opening ambient passage we follow up with an equally arresting track from relatively unknown Lithuanian producer J.G. Biberkopf. Age Of Aquarius is taken from his debut EP Ecologies, which is six tracks of cutting-edge yet melodious experimentation. Only when we reach third track The Deepest by Jupiter Jax do we get a chance to start nodding our heads. Taken from the Maltese producer's debut album Visions, this cut sports elements of rave, filtered through a modern Detroit Techno template.

The next four tracks rollick along with pleasurable aplomb beginning with the melodic, rolling bassline of Hush from Hauntologists; it makes for an irresistibly catchy number alongside the slowly building acid refrain. Dense & Pika's banging Sycophant follows suit with a ground-shaking bassline that shouldn't fail to motivate. Then we have Ashworth's dubby monster Adder, taken from his excellent debut album Grain, before the monster of all monster Techno tracks Pylon rears it's fearful head. The producers of this disco destroyer are Irish duo Lakker, and Tundra, the album from which it came is up there with the best albums released this year.

A slight change in pace next with Maya Jane Coles' alter ego project Nocturnal Sunshine. Taken from her dub/bass eponymous album, Take Me There is what I comfortably call Pop these days. Another blast of pure Pop pleasure follows in the form of The Hacker's remix of Keluar's Panguna, with it's bouncy, electro bassline.

Leonardo Martelli released his debut EP Menti Singole not too long ago; four tracks of deep electro, reminiscent of Drexciya. I've included Filippo here, but my favourite track keeps changing each time I listen to this EP; the slightly melancholic undertones of Filippo lend the right tone to proceedings. More melancholy follows with Mooryc's heartbreaking Take 'Em All. But we can't end things on a sad note can we? So we finish off with a flourish of Flying Knives from DJ Overdose, another amazing track from my favourite new label this year Creme Organization.

# Artist Track Album Time
1 Lee Bannon Aga Pattern of Excel 0:00
2 J.G. Biberkopf Age Of Aquarius Ecologies 4:33
3 Jupiter Jax The Deepest Visions 11:08
4 Hauntologists Hush Hauntologists 16:57
5 Dense & Pika Sycophant Lynn EP 21:35
6 Ashworth Adder Grain 25:33
7 Lakker Pylon Tundra 28:33
8 Nocturnal Sunshine Take Me There Nocturnal Sunshine 36:02
9 Keluar Panguna (The Hacker Remix) Panguna 40:05
10 Leonardo Martelli Filippo Menti Singole 44:54
11 Mooryc Take 'Em All Take 'Em All 49:12
12 DJ Overdose Flying Knives Crack Babies Stole My Creme Shirt 54:16

Time 59:32. Size: 142MB. Quality: 320kbs. Download Compy 37.

Please note that only the last three compilations will be available for download, but from Compy 29 you will always be able to stream them on Mixcloud.



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