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Simon Šerc - Bora Scura
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If this roasting hot weather is too much for you, Simon Šerc has recorded the windy Slovenian winter weather to temper your overwrought emotions. Bora Scura is over an hour of strangely soothing field recordings of banging outbuilding doors, farm machinery battling mother nature and rip-roaring wind doing its worst. Quite energising!

The album is composed exclusively of recordings of extreme Bora wind blowing in Ajdovščina, Slovenia. The result is a violent, intense, almost otherworldly experience of pure sound and pure nature. The sounds have not been manipulated in any way, what you hear is simply the power of a wind which, as the liner notes explain, "affects people’s everyday lives, causes damage in agriculture, traffic and destroys buildings".

Simon Šerc - Bora Scura