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Silver Soundbox
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Fledgling label Firering, the Russian outlet that specialises in recycyled cassettes, has released its first compilation, Silver Soundbox, and it's an impressive selection of emerging talent. With the exception of label head Åmnfx, all the artists are new to me, which is always a plus point.

With a range of appealing styles from moody Ambient and Lo-Fi (Mlinarich, Fedor Vetkalov and Yazi) to Electro (Eugeneismyname and Yu & SP) to Techno (Soft Blade) to House (Voctor Ken, Yssue and Åmnfx), there's something to please all tastes. And while the Soft Blade track is the standout moment for me, two particular inclusions break the vibe and flow a little for my liking: Abe Steward's terribly annoying sample on Accepted 2 made me fast forward every time and GRKZGL's experimental electronic music stuck out like a sore thumb. Well worth investing some time in though.

Silver Soundbox