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Tips #2


Tips #2

The best of a bunch of recent releases that have leapt out at me

Air Texture Volume VI is an expansive collection of tracks selected by two of the finest taste-makers, Steffi and Martyn. Begins in tranquil mode and slowly builds, with a few pleasant surprises along the way, like the gentle Into Bleeps by Shed and the Warp-IDM-styled Bottomfeeder by Samuel Pling.

Some fine Electro from Dublin based Italian producer Lerosa on his 25th EP, out via Les Yeux Orange.

Reto A Ichi is none other than Prefuse 73, aka US producer Scott Herren, and this beautiful piano track is taken from his new double album (confusingly presented digitally as two single albums: The Lapse Of Exchange and Alone Moving Often). If you liked Sebastian Gandera's piano-meets-electronic music, then you'll enjoy this.

A Strangely Isolated Place finally celebrates 10 years with Full Circle a 17 track compilation of music that defines the label - incorporating Drone and Space Ambient to Shoegaze and Guitars.

New album from Anthony Naples called Take Me With You. This track Drifter is a lovely, other worldy escape, soaring high!

Bring on the Acid! Oh yes, Rubble is good, albeit a little different from what you might have expected from the mighty Pearson Sound, but he sounds like he's having so much fun! I wish more artists and producers would let their hair down like this.



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