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Scott Worthington - Orbit
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Double bass player Scott Worthington joins forces with photographer Renato D’Agostin on a fascinating project called Orbit; an audio visual exercise that provokes deep contemplation and introspection. In a sort of jazzy, improvised form, the three Worthington compositions play out with a funereal air, encouraging immersion to the point of zone out.

Flicking through the accompanying book of monochromatic photographs by D’Agostin reveals a whole new aspect; like watching old black-and-white Pathé News films, stories of past lives begin to emerge, at once supporting the sombre musical tones while revealing an unexpected sadness and sense of loss. Hauntingly beautiful.

Out today on IIKKI Books this is the fifth collaboration of its type and follows previous editions that have included work by Taylor Deupree, Danny Clay and Andrea Belfi.

Scott Worthington - Orbit