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Rex Kyed
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Anders Rex and Peter Kyed have created music together since the early nineties, first in punk band The Bleeeder Group, then later in the krautrock-inspired Svartbag. Now, in their third collaborative incarnation, they continue their transmogrification, moving stealthily onwards towards an experimental nirvana. While this self-titled EP is primarily Ambient, guitars are still an intergal part of their make-up, albeit used in non-standard ways, along with a myriad of electronic instrumentation, which forms a pleasing mash-up that's at once arresting and Ambient.

At just 22 minutes, the six tracks whizz past like the life review of a near-death experience, which is fitting as the artists suggest that the music, while not directly autobiographical, reflects:

[periods] of desolation, exiting and entering bubbles of comfort, being apart from family, and on a constant transit from A to B and back again

A life on the move, obligatory separation, time out from the norm, must be challenging but, based on this musical snapshot, we are granted a glimpse into the Rex Kyed experience only to discover that their lives are actually not unlike our own: dark, blissful, provocative and beautiful but more than anything else, ephemeral.

  • Rating: 9/10
  • Listens: 14
  • Highlight: Departures
  • Label: Infinite Waves
  • Release Date: 23rd Mar 2018
Rex Kyed