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Unweather - Methuselah OST

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Methuselah OST by Unweather

Soundtrack for an educational adventure game about the environment and a tree called Methuselah

English producer Will Robinson, aka Unweather, has produced a beautiful soundtrack to accompany a thought-provoking interactive 'game' by designer Elle Bulger, called Methuselah. The web-based experience takes the form of a series of questions on various aspects of the natural world, covering flora, fauna, landmasses, weather systems and celestial bodies, with each given answer diverting the proceeding course to a different conclusion. Avoiding spoilers, participants even have the chance to question the famous tree.

Electronic and Ambient in style, the music is sympathetic to the subject: suitably sombre but emotive and affective, enhancing the games narrative. Here's some background info on game and here's the link to try the experience yourself.

If you only listen to one track

Utopian Ant Colony


sound as language

Artist website


Release date

06 Aug 2021


  1. Title Theme
  2. Silver Water (Coastline, Estuary, Depths)
  3. Red Water (Streams, Rapids, Spawning Ground)
  4. Love Theme from Volcano
  5. Coda for Volcano
  6. Waiting for the Cloud Burst
  7. City under the Hill
  8. Utopian Ant Colony
  9. The Little Flying One
  10. Questions for the Ancient One
  11. Methuselah Theme


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