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Truancy Volume 143: BNJMN


Truancy Volume 143: BNJMN

Perfectly formed set from Ben Thomas for Truancy

Murky and emotive Techno from Ben Thomas for Truancy, includes a few exclusives apparently.


  1. Atom tm – Stromlinien
  2. Donato Dozzy – Quadra Nove
  3. Zadig – Journey Into The Wastelands
  4. Cassegrain – Trappist
  5. Conforce – Eclipse
  6. Basic Soul Unit – Soulspeak (Shed Remix)
  7. Surgeon – Spider
  8. Abdulla Rashim – Crossing Qalandiya
  9. Cosmin TRG – Serpenti
  10. Dax J – Twilight Zone
  11. BNJMN – Droid (Inland Remix)
  12. Untitled – Untitled


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