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The finest selection of music that'll be on repeat for you very soon

Metro Jaxx Vol. 2

Metro Jaxx Vol.2 is another top-notch selection from Balkan Recordings (just like the last one).

Favourite track: Maxime Alexander - Take My Hands

Space Afrika - Somewhere Decent To Live

This sublime Dubby Ambient album actually came out in March 2018 but I can't stop playing it... highly recommended.

Favourite track: uwëm/creātiōn

The Sound Of Love International 002 - Beautiful Swimmers

Upbeat compilation, tastefully and impeccably selected. Every track is a killer.

Favourite track: Foe - Blow Up Girl (Beautiful Swimmers Big Head Self Mix)

André Bratten - Pax Americana

Pax Americana is a strong return for the Norwegian producer, mixing things up with emotive Electronica, Ambient Dub and in Ranx, some Aphex-inspired wonder!

Favourite track: Pax Americana

Moodymann - Sinner

Sinner is a a swaggeringly strong album from the Detroit Techno and House cool dude. Really enjoyable, with great samples and groove galore.

Favourite track: I Think Of Saturday

Konx-om-Pax - Ways Of Seeing

Fourth album from the Glaswegian producer Ways of Seeing is a pleasingly Pop-leaning exercise. Leaves us in little doubt of his expertise in delivering the melody. Excellence from start to finish.

Favourite track: I'm For Real (ft. Nightwave)

Sven Weisemann - Xine

Mojuba Records are constantly pumping out old releases (for which I'm very grateful) and this classic from Sven Wisemann is perfect for night-time listening. Begins all Dubby and yearning before morphing into a classical collection of Pop-length piano works with an Electronic undercurrent. Really superb!

Favourite track: Xine XI - The Swan Of Desire

Hunter Lombard - Eris

Another one from last year I can't stop listening to. Breakbeat driven rhythms with a warm, bassy vibe.

Favourite track: The Evas

Gal Tsadok-Hai - The Green Eden

From March this year, I suspect The Green Eden flew under most people's radars (judging by the low number of sales on Bandcamp)... but this release deserves your attention! Tasteful Acid-tinged workouts with an Ambient vibe.

Favourite track: Dad's Machines

Earthen Sea - Grass And Trees

More Dub and Ambient splendour, arguably better than 2017's An Act of Love. Another beauty to fall asleep to.

Favourite track: A Blank Slate

Ellen Allien - Alientronic

Alientronic is, without a doubt, Allien's best album since Berlinette, which is saying something! Packed with the most tasteful Techno and proper melody. A tour de force

Favourite track: Love Distortion

Nathan Micay - Blue Spring

Blue Spring is a fine balance of melodic tunes and banging rhythms.

Favourite track: Ecstacy Is On Maple Mountain



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