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Tag: cassette

Don't Forget the Cassette

Neil Stevens explores the graphics and layout of cassette inlay designs


General, 16 Sep 2013, 07:00

Chocolate record

I've heard of bands releasing music on cassette in an effort to thwart pirates, but chocolate records?


General, 04 Jul 2011, 21:41

Cassette from my ex

Cassette from my ex:They were into you, so they made you a tape. Today you don't have a cassette player, but you still can't toss that


General, 15 Jun 2008, 20:45


Now here's a belter of an idea. Mixa is a digital 'cassette tape' which, after you design yourself, you put a compilation on it. Ideal present!


General, 08 Nov 2007, 00:18


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