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Spotify Feb 2016


Spotify Feb 2016

February 2016 proved to be an exceptional month for new releases

If, like me, you enjoy your Techno minimal and ambient, then there's plenty of pleasure to be found in the sweet sounds of joeFarr, Kobosil, K-Conjog, Frieder Nagel, Skee Mask, D.U.S.T. and Steinhoff & Hammouda, while tougher beats come from Surgeon, ASC, Loom, Cardopusher and MMT-8. In between we have several pop-leaning tracks from Illum Sphere, Palms Trax, Hunter/Game, Moomin, Coldair and Junior Boys. One particular highlight is Animals from post-punk outfit Spider King, taken from their 1981 reissued lost classic album Shot to Pieces.

  1. joeFarr - RPM (Dedication)
  2. Surgeon - BDF-521
  3. Kobosil - Eihwaz
  4. ASC - Reveal
  5. Illum Sphere - Second Sight
  6. Loom - Fractured Light
  7. Korhan Oraydin - Made for Each Other
  8. K-Conjog - Pure Pare
  9. BOP - Stratocasper
  10. Frieder Nagel - Lythe
  11. Cardopusher - Cult 91 (3 AM Mixx)
  12. Palms Trax - Cloud City
  13. Skee Mask - Panorama
  14. Hunter/Game - Ashes
  15. Spider King - Animals
  16. Moomin - Loop No 1
  17. Anchorsong - Eve
  18. D.U.S.T. - The Alien Is Contracting
  19. MMT-8 - Never Been to Bristol
  20. Steinhoff and Hammouda - Wondering While Wandering
  21. Coldair - All I Meant
  22. Junior Boys - M & P


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