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Guten Tag, this is Bureau B


Guten Tag, this is Bureau B

Free 'best of' compilation from the German label Bureau B, includes tracks from Conrad Schnitzler, Faust and Karl Bartos

For eMusic subscribers only, German record label Bureau B, who release past and future classics from a range of electronic genres, are giving away a twenty track selection entitled Guten Tag, this is Bureau B. Encompassing everything between Cosmic and Ambient to Synth-pop and Krautrock, there's certainly a lot to like.

Karl Bartos offers his superb Kraftwerkian track Rhythmus, from his 2013 album Off The Record. There's abstract and experimental sounds in tracks like Pastoral from Lloyd Cole & Hans-Joachim Roedelius (taken from their collaborative album Selected Studies Vol. 1) and modern-era Faust's dirge Herbststimmung (from their 2010 album Something Dirty). Balancing things somewhat there's 'indie' style pop from Camera and something for the dancefloor with Pyrolator's Hamtramck. And of course there some 'classics' in the form of Himmelblau from Riechmann's 1978 album Wunderbar and Für Mich from Thomas Dinger's 1982 album of the same name.

Listen to some of the tracks below:

Conrad Schnitzler - 1

Riechmann - Himmelblau

Pyrolator - Hamtramck

Thomas Dinger - Für Dich

Full tracklist:

  1. Karl Bartos - Rhythmus
  2. Camera - To The Inside
  3. Eno Moebius Roedelius - The Belldog
  4. Ulrich Schnauss And Mark Peters - Gift Horse's Mouth
  5. Lloyd Cole & Hans-Joachim Roedelius - Pastoral
  6. Riechmann - Himmelblau
  7. Harald Grosskopf - So weit, so gut
  8. Faust - Herbststimmung
  9. Conrad Schnitzler - 1
  10. Moebius & Plank - Osmo-Fantor
  11. Pyrolator - Hamtramck
  12. Kreidler - Alphabet
  13. Automat - RE 201
  14. Deutsche Wertarbeit - Deutscher Wald
  15. Thomas Dinger - Für Dich
  16. Die Wilde Jagd - Wah Wah Wallenstein
  17. Gut und Irmler - Parfum
  18. Moebius - Hasenheide
  19. Roedelius Schneider - Liebe
  20. Cluster - Zum Wohl


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