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Spotify Apr 2018


Spotify Apr 2018

The best of Spotify from last month, includes new stuff from Daniel Avery, DJ Seinfeld, Chris Carter and Mark Pritchard

At the end of each month I compile a selection of tracks from the best new releases I heard on Spotify. Here's a few from April 2018.

  1. Daniel Avery – Citizen // Nowhere
  2. DJ Seinfeld – Sakura
  3. Proc Fiskal – Dish Washing
  4. Chris Carter – Moon Two
  5. Chris Liebing – Novembergrey (feat. Ralf Hildenbeautel)
  6. The Survivals – My Brother
  7. Mark Pritchard – S.O.S. (feat The Space Lady)
  8. Cavern of Anti-Matter – Make Out Fade Out
  9. Thug Widow – Ganymede
  10. Gunnar Haslam – Neuromantic
  11. John Roberts – Wrecked
  12. DJ Koze – Pick Up
  13. Nonpareils – The Timeless Now
  14. Chrome Sparks – Still Think
  15. Jichael Mackson – Hope
  16. Hypnoskull – Mech. Ind.
  17. Mr. Fingers – City Streets


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