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Eltron - Le Volte


Le Volte by Eltron

Rising Polish producer with a glimpse of good things

With a change of name, the fortunes of Polish producer Eltron may be on the rise. Since 2010, Marek Stuczyński ran with the moniker Eltron John, which is quite funny for a minute, but has wisely chosen to shorten it with the release of his new EP Le Volte on fledgling label UNDERTHESEA (run by Gregori Menendez, aka Grego After All).

Even with the well-received track Bomby on S1 Warsaw from 2013, along with a handful of EPs on various homeland labels, including Transatlantyk and Pets Recordings, his work has largely remained under the radar.

Le Volte glides in with the warmest of House vibes, confident, debonair and charming. Lead track La Prima in particular has the potential to be massive, with its gorgeous swinging rhythm and funky guitar; a summer hit in waiting. With two further originals, far from just functional, and a sterling remix of the lead track from Basic Soul Unit, this appears to be perfectly trim package.

  • Rating: 8/10
  • Listens: 13
  • Highlight: La Prima
  • Release Date: 27th Apr 2018

If you only listen to one track

La Prima



Release date

27 Apr 2018



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