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Raster-Noton 20 year book and compilation


Raster-Noton 20 year book and compilation

The German label celebrates 20 years with a book and compilation

If it was a wedding anniversary, we'd be proffering gifts of China to the German label Raster-Noton, who mark this milestone with a special book and compilation.

Source Book 1 is the first in a proposed series of documents that aim to comprehensively review the last 20 years of the label, with this initial volume focusing on the extensive back catalogue (between 1996 and 2016). Limited to just 1000 copies, the book has been designed with a modular concept, allowing the owner to remove, exchange or add pages, making it possible to update the content in the future.

Rater-Noton Source Book

Accompanying the print publication is a CD (only available with the book) with a range of artists associated with the label, including Byetone, Alva Noto, Senking, Kyoka, Atom™ and Kangding Ray.

  1. Kangding Ray - Silver (Pruitt Igoe prototype)
  2. Emptyset - Augur
  3. Grischa Lichtenberger - 0514_01 re 0809_20 1 barrg b
  4. Alva Noto - Milan (for Kostas Murkudis)
  5. Anne-James Chaton - Nisansala
  6. Frank Bretschneider - Thermik
  7. Senking - Lug
  8. Byetone - Postpostrefabricated
  9. AtomTM - Flimmern
  10. Robert Lippok - Textured
  11. Kyoka - Side to Side (live rec version)
  12. Ueno Masaaki - Building Rain (prototype)

Book and CD costs 84.50 € and is available for pre-order right now. Release date is 17th March 2017.



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