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RVO - Taciturn Manner
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Dutch producer Reggy van Oers uses field recordings to make dark, minimal Techno. Layers of subtle pattern and driving beats combine to evoke a moody and, at times, tense atmosphere. Embracing a natural arc, there's a satisfying flow to the eight compositions that make up this debut album, as they quietly build, with soothing sounds and textures, through the first three tracks — each introducing distinct elements, rattly percussion, trickling water, a warning bell. Throbbing bass alters the mood on the aptly named Corroded By Time, before moving into the haunting, screeching (car) brakes of Character Arc. Only when we reach the high tension tones of Imperative Bias do we remember it's a Techno album, not a film soundtrack, we're immersed in. Closing tracks Lace Monitor and Return To Form complete the arc in perfect, minimal form.

Released on his own Telemorph imprint, Taciturn Manner is an assured long player, a culmination of his vast experience to date, illustrating the deft touch necessary to succeed in the field of Ambient Techno.

8/10 after 15 listens

Taciturn Manner by RVO is released on 14th October on Telemorph.

RVO - Taciturn Manner