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The Patience Fader by Pan•American

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The Patience Fader by Pan•American

Wistful Ambient for deeper contemplation

Following 2019's gently ruffling, guitar-focused Ambient album A Son, Mark Nelson returns as Pan•American with more of the same (although, even with no vocals, I found myself singing "I'm away from home" at various points throughout).

Since his '97 PA debut he's explored many facets of downtempo music, with Dub, steel guitar, voice, electronics and traditional (post) Rock instruments all contributing to his perpetually shifting yet subtle sound palette, but on this, his tenth album, he's landed on a sound that consolidates while honouring his lo-fi roots. And contrary to his established rep for subtle tension and a hint of listener discomfort, all 40 minutes are a simple joy, even the off-tune harmonica on Corniel.

The Patience Fader is a deceptively simple celebration of steel guitar, presented in a non-cheesy, accessible way.

If you only listen to one track

Just a Story


Stars of the Lid, Biosphere



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Release date

18 Feb 2022


  1. Swimming In A Western Hotel
  2. Outskirts, Dreamlit
  3. Corniel
  4. The North Line
  5. Baitshop
  6. Harmony Conversion
  7. Memorizing, Memorizing
  8. Just a Story
  9. Nightwater
  10. Wooster, Ohio
  11. Almost Grown
  12. Grounded


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