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Lil Replica - Redux & Respair


Redux & Respair by Lil Replica

Life on tape, against the flow

Aspiring for fresh, UK duo espi and xethos, aka Lil Replica, have come up with a distinctive production process. By piping the sounds of (their?) live performances through a crappy artificial intelligence (AI) software, the abstract assemblage certainly sounds singular. Comprising chopped vocals, piano loops and backwards snippets, the resulting mosaic is a peculiar hybrid of Mark Hollis and Oneohtrix Point Never. Not an easy listen with its broken rhythms and glitchy dubs cutting into the non-verbal vocal flows, but it goes deeper. In their manifesto they extol the worthiness of questioning everything and acting accordingly. Can the short attention spans and navel-gazing fascination that has infected modern life be reversed? In that context Redux & Respair sounds like a desperate cry for help.

If you only listen to one track



Actress, Oneohtrix Point Never


Inkling Room

Artist website

Lil Replica

Release date

13 Jun 2024


  1. redux
  2. grids
  3. act of faith
  4. pyryx
  5. evolver
  6. vassoula
  7. codex
  8. cutaway
  9. islands
  10. quiet island


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