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Compy 35


Compy 35

Ten tracks of upbeat from Deadbeat to disco beat

  1. Deadbeat - Slow Rot from Rhetoric

    (from album New World Observer)

    After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014, Scott Monteith finally reissued his first three albums, Wild Life Documentaries, Something Borrowed, Something Blue and New World Observer at the end of the year. The opening track of Compy 35 is Slow Rot from Rhetoric, one of the most melodic of his dubbed out works.

  2. Ben Frost - Venter (Evian Christ TF 12" Mix)

    (from EP V A R I A N T)

    Although last year's A U R O R A was well received from all quarters, Ben Frost's music can be challenging at the best of times. Luckily, the V A R I A N T remix EP, which came out in December 2014, is a somewhat more accessible beast, with Dutch E Germ, Kangding Ray, Regis, HTRK and Evian Christ all producing something enlightening. I've included the Evian Christ take on Venter as it takes what was once dark and menacing and transforms it into something bright and friendly.

  3. Ghost Culture - Lucky

    (from album Ghost Culture)

    On his recent debut album, British producer James Greenwood combines post-Cold Wave 80's synths and melodies with current tech production, to make music that sounds embedded in the past yet of the now. Lucky exemplifies this perfectly.

  4. Burial - Temple Sleeper

    (from single Temple Sleeper)

    Will Bevan can do no wrong in my book, even if RA don't agree. Temple Sleeper follows his recent approach to building complex tracks with multiple threads. This is a frantic, pumping and thoroughly enjoyable ride.

  5. Head High - Hex Factor

    (from album Megatrap)

    As described here, when I made Hex Factor a Tune of the Moment, René Pawlowitz turns in a banger with tough beats and a tasty rave element; politely nodding to Temple Sleeper in this compilation

  6. Die Selektion - Muskelberg

    (from album Die Selektion)

    I heard this tune by the German electro-punk trio on aufnahme + wiedergabe's Secret Thirteen Spotlight mix and fell in love with the trumpet! Like Ghost Culture, there's a blend of 80's electronics and current tech. Check out this live video.. AMAZING!

  7. Yamaneko - Accela Rush

    (from album Pixel Wave Embrace)

    Balancing a lightweight video game melody with some thumping beats, Accela Rush builds into an acid monster. Not entirely representative of the album it came from but certainly worth checking out.

  8. Brassica - The Lodger

    (from album Man Is Deaf)

    UK-based producer Michael Anthony Wright has turned in one of the best albums of 2015 already! Listen to it right away if you've not yet done so. The Lodger was another Tune of the Moment, so catchy

  9. Aphex Twin - (vocoder disco)

    (from user48736353001)

    I realise there's plenty of better tunes from the recent Aphex Twin hard-disc-emptying exercise, but this one seems to fit into the compilation perfectly. It might have been quite forward-thinking when it was first produced (about 1994-ish apparently) but it's a testament to the great man that it still sounds so good today.

  10. Mr. Mitch - Fly Soup

    (from album Parallel Memories)

    Such a chilled out, mournful sound Mr. Mitch purveys in. Considering his tough Grime roots, this track (like all the others on his debut album Parallel Memories), shows a consistent development from tough to soft; and soft always wins in my book.


# Artist Track Album Time
1 Deadbeat Slow Rot from Rhetoric New World Observer 0:00
2 Ben Frost Venter (Evian Christ TF 12" Mix) V A R I A N T 6:44
3 Ghost Culture Lucky Ghost Culture 12:57
4 Burial Temple Sleeper   16:22
5 Head High Hex Factor Megatrap 21:19
6 Die Selektion Muskelberg Die Selektion 25:53
7 Yamaneko Accela Rush Pixel Wave Embrace 28:33
8 Brassica The Lodger Man Is Deaf 33:55
9 Aphex Twin (vocoder disco) un dat comp 38:17
10 Mr. Mitch Fly Soup Parallel Memories 43:05

Time 46:12. Size: 86.2MB. Quality: 260kbs. Download Compy 35.

Please note that only the last three compilations will be available for download, but from Compy 29 you will always be able to stream them on Mixcloud.



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