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Peder Mannerfelt - Sissel & Bass 4 Ever
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Highlight from Peder Mannerfelt's 2018 album Daily Routine gets the remix treatment... and it's deliciously banging! Four big re-workings and one blissed-out dubby version come together in perfect form, with Sissel Wincent's cute English pronunciations proving to be an alluring component throughout.

The Swedish artist provides her own take on Sissel & Bass, reminding us of the original's 'kool' cut, while adding a healthy dose of dancefloor oomph. OnScreenActor and Perc toughen things up with satisfying versions, each hitting home even harder; Perc's playful manipulation of the vocal sounding very punk (especially before the three minute mark Don't tell me how it's done, 'cos I won't listuuuuun!

The best of the lot though comes from Tunisian artist Cera Khin and her Mind Destruction Remix; ravy stabs work with hollow percussive rhythms, using Sissel's vocal only sparingly. Perko's Dub closer offers respite and a refreshing perspective.

Peder Mannerfelt - Sissel & Bass 4 Ever