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His Master's Voice - The Healer
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Log α Canis Majoris: space-gazing despatches from an anonymous German producer going by the name His Master's Voice as he orbits Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky (aka Canis Majoris). And while his reports reveal little undiscovered of this terrain, his travelogues prove to be thoroughly entertaining.

Trading in whoozy melody, comprised of compressed Acid bleeps and Ambient-steering Techno, Log α Canis Majoris is a strong debut album on Paul Ritch's KCZMRK label and follows an excellent EP on Delsin from 2019 called Transition and a two tracker on Schleifen called Sirius Incident from 2017. For fans of Claro Intelecto or Lusine.

One of the standout tracks (of which there are a few) The Healer is worth checking out, even if it's not an entirely accurate reflection of the album's general vibe. The thumping Acid throbs coupled with the insistent bass drum is quality stuff, so when you throw in a sample of Iggy Pop describing his experience of once taking Acid, we've got all the ingredients of a tidal wave floor assault.

His Master's Voice - The Healer