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A few good tunes Vol 43
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Ten tunes that caught my ear and may catch yours too! Check 'em out, includes Poison Point, Lia Mice, Lokier, Mariska Neerman, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Elizabeth Joan Kelly, Saloli, Konrad Wehrmeister, Steven Julien and Emra Grid.

  1. Poison Point - Resigned Commander - rugged Coldwave from French duo Timothée Gainet and Arnaud Derochefort, taster from forthcoming EP Bestiensäule, on aufnahme + wiedergabe
  2. Lia Mice - Human Being - on Optimo Music, this curious Electronic track from emerging UK producer Lia Mice is worth some investigation. Taken from the album The Sampler As A Time Machine
  3. Lokier - Screws In Paradise - more addictive vibes from the Mexican producer (remember this?). Taken from forthcoming EP Fighting The Past on Pinkman
  4. Mariska Neerman - Jupiter - on a split EP with Newa, Jupiter is the standout track... gorgeous Detroit Techno!
  5. Cosey Fanni Tutti - Tutti (edit) - taster from the ex-Throbbing Gristler's first album in yonks
  6. Elizabeth Joan Kelly - Club Clanger - this was the track that stood out for me on the American producer's album Music for the DMV
  7. Saloli - Umbrellas - on Kranky, a haunting synth hymn from American artist Mary Sutton, aka Saloli. Taken from album The Deep End
  8. Konrad Wehrmeister - TDA - from a six-track EP of Ambient Breakbeat called 5050, TDA veers towards the latter in style. Out now on ILIAN TAPE
  9. Steven Julien - TEER - four track EP in a Techncolor House stylee, Taken from 8 Ball EP
  10. Emra Grid - Theftic Dust I - reverberating Ambient Bass from Sean Pineiro taken from seven-tracker From A Band Of Thoughts That Ended My Year
A few good tunes Vol 43