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Best Tracks of 2011 (4 of 4)


Best Tracks of 2011 (4 of 4)

Last part of my series of best tracks from 2011, includes Zomby, Ada, SCSI-9, Matthew Dear, Pional, The Field, Radiohead, Peace, Sully and Joe Stawarz

I'm quite sure I could compile another installment from all the new albums I've picked up over the last month:

  • Kuedo - Severant
  • Cubenx - On Your Own Again
  • James Blake - Enough Thunder
  • Scuba - DJ Kicks
  • Roman Fluegal - Fatty Folders
  • Vincenzo - Wherever I Lay My Head
  • Cosmin TRG - Simulat
  • Andy Stott - Passed Me By
  • Laurel Halo - Hour Logic
  • Visionquest - Fabric 61
  • Elektro Guzzi - Parquet
  • Jonsson/Alter - Mod

That'll probably make up the next Compy though :-)

More importantly, here's the list for this last installment:

# Artist Song Album Time
1 Zomby Witch Hunt Dedication 1:47
2 Ada Faith Meine zarten Pfoten 5:53
3 SCSI-9 Electric Flowers Benefit Compilation for Japan 9:19
4 Instra:mental 8 Resolution 653 5:25
5 Matthew Dear Gem Black City 4:08
6 Pional In Another Room   7:34
7 The Field Then It's White Looping State Of Mind 7:52
8 Seka Humbug   6:36
9 Radiohead Codex The King Of Limbs 4:47
10 Peace The Ballet Hungry 4:01
11 Sully Bonafide Carrier 3:20
12 Joe Stawarz Cry Cry 8:43

UPDATE (22nd Feb 2012): sorry, this file is no longer available for download. Grab The Letter RSS feed for future mixes and compilations!

Also, for more of my favourite tracks from 2011, check out the last three "Compies".



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