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Best Tracks of 2011 (3 of 4)


Best Tracks of 2011 (3 of 4)

Third set of top tracks from 2011 includes Gus Gus, Tiger & Woods, Art Department, Nicolas Jaar, Mark Henning, Azari & III, Lone, Royksopp and Major Lazer

# Artist Song Album Time
1 Ahu Contact Untold Songs: Volume One 2:33
2 Bilal Lost My Mind Label Love Vol. 2 4:37
3 Gus Gus Over Arabian Horse 5:57
4 Tiger & Woods Gin Nation Through The Green 8:09
5 DJ Olive Kokanee's Drop Benefit Compilation for Japan 4:10
6 Landlord I Like It (Casino Edit)   5:00
7 Stanton Warriors Shoot Me Down (Featuring Ruby Goe) The Warriors 4:16
8 Art Department Tell Me Why (Part I) The Drawing Board 7:26
9 Daft Punk TRON Legacy (Adam Freeland's 303 Remix) TRON Remixes 6:52
10 Nicolas Jaar Space Is Only Noise Colomb 3:23
11 Mark Henning Cupcakes Cupcakes EP 7:03
12 Fenderchet Comienzo a Borbotón Hearts EP 2:45
13 Komiko Feel Alright (Casual Encounters Rework)   5:59
14 Azari & III Undecided Azari & III 6:06
15 Lone Blossom Quarter Echolocations EP 5:29
16 Röyksopp In This Shirt - RYXP EDIT   10:34
17 Major Lazer Keep It Goin' Louder (So Shifty Remix) Mad Decent Volume 1 3:53

UPDATE (22nd Feb 2012): sorry, this file is no longer available for download. Grab The Letter RSS feed for future mixes and compilations!

Also, for more of my favourite tracks from 2011, check out the last three "Compies".



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