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A few good tunes Vol 26


A few good tunes Vol 26

Some recent decent tracks that you may have missed

A few good tunes from Rebekah, Posthuman, Tony + Morris, andhim (Roman Flügel remix), James Place, UMFANG and DJ NinOo.

  1. Rebekah - Requiem For A Dream - one of the more downtempo cuts from her excellent album Fear Paralysis
  2. Posthuman - Atari Queen - with whooping children and a melancholic melody, who do you think of? But then the wheedling acid line sneaks in
  3. Tony + Morris - House of God - immense albeit loose cover version of the DHS classic - the Glaswegian sense of humour shining through
  4. andhim - 'Tosch (Roman Flügel Remix) - the German producer jazzes up the original using a disco motif
  5. James Place - Rumor and Choir - third release on Umor Rex, James Place, aka New York producer Phil Tortoroli, with an experimental style that mixes Ambient, Techno and Pop
  6. UMFANG - Weight - from her forthcoming album Symbolic Use Of Light, Weight is a stripped back affair with organ drone and clippity clop beat
  7. DJ NinOo - Ambientes Leves - from the forthcoming album Firma do Txiga, this contribution from DJ Ninoo uses a lazy beat and simple melody to great effect


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