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Valura - Exalted Encounter


Exalted Encounter by Valura

Second EP in the Elements series on Rebekah's label

Exalted Encounter is the second release on Rebekah's Elements series/label (the first was a three tracker from herself back in 2014) and comes from a little-known German producer named Valura.

Two original tracks focus on the element of "earth" while Rebekah and Serbian producer Lag provide their own interpretations.

  1. Exalted Encounter A
  2. Exalted Encounter (Lag Remix)
  3. Exalted Encounter B
  4. Exalted Encounter (Rebekah Remix)

On her previous release, the Broken Circle EP, Valura demonstrated a keen ear for deep, menacing Techno, particularly on opening track 264; so if that style of Techno spawns endorphins in your brain, then both Exalted Encounter tracks should be on your shopping list.

Drumless and barren, the A version paints the proverbial post-apocalyptic scene, with visions of earth bearing the brunt of a hard-bitten winter. Lag's reworking introduces a machine rhythm to the flow, altering the original's vibe virtually beyond recognition, leaving us with a brand new track (and a very good one too).

Moving across the seasons, the second encounter sees the earth truly warming up, with an optimism that heralds an alternative set of elements - the building melody and intense drumwork reminiscent of Inigo Kennedy's excellent NGC512 EP.

Rebekah's contribution is a no-nonsense, thumping effort, clearly aimed at peak time, but like the Lag effort, sort of breaks up the overall flow; perhaps the two originals on the A-side would have provided a better sequence?

  • Rating: 6/10
  • Listens: 11
  • Highlight: Exalted Encounter A
  • Label: Elements
  • Release Date: 4th September, 2017

If you only listen to one track

Exalted Encounter A



Release date

04 Sep 2017



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