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Trickfinger - Trickfinger


Trickfinger by Trickfinger

Acid-tinged debut album from Red Hot Chilli Peppers' guitarist is rather good

John Frusciante, the guitarist behind massive Red Hot Chili Peppers tunes like Under The Bridge and The Zephyr Song has turned his attention to the famous Roland TB-303 synthesiser for his eponymous debut album as Trickfinger. Back in 2007, losing interest in traditional songwriting, Frusciante started to experiment with electronic music, enjoying the more technical approach to creativity. The result is eight punky, acid house tracks that rollick along with great aplomb.

Since the early eighties, the famous bass sound of the 303 has been used in every conceivable way by luminaries such as 808 State, Plastikman and Aphex Twin, so it's understandable that Trickfinger's entry into the Acid Hall of Fame brings us nothing new or groundbreaking, but what we do have is great melody and some seriously good head-nodding moments.

Top tracks include Sain which opens with an onslaught of squelchy bass before breaking out at 1m 30sec into sweet refrain, and Exlam with it's insistent beat and thumping bass drum dropping in and out.

7/10 after 11 listens



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